July is Sarcoma Awareness Month

Interested in spreading the word about sarcoma but aren’t sure how? Looking for a bit of inspiration for Sarcoma Awareness Month during July and year-round? Want to educate others?

Due to sarcoma’s rarity, many people—medical professionals included—are not familiar with this disease. By educating others and raising awareness, you not only support those affected by sarcoma but are delivering information that has the potential to save lives. From simply wearing yellow to hosting your own fundraising event, there are a number of ways that you can participate in the movement. Below are some ideas to get you started.

Challenge Your Community

Create a challenge or contest to do with your coworkers, classmates, friends, or family to raise awareness and educate others.


Whether you like to cook, paint, sculpt, build, screen-print, or sew, you can use your creations to raise awareness. Bring your products to a local market, start an online Etsy shop, post them on Instagram, or even hand them out at your local grocery store or civic center. The sky’s the limit!


Deck out your space (office, home, yard, etc.) with decorations and signs for Sarcoma Awareness Month. We’ve created ready-made signs in both 12″x18″ and 24″x36″ dimensions that are perfect for displaying on your front lawn or wherever else you fancy! To print these as yard signs, simply download the size you wish, upload to Vistaprint, and order.

Distribute Sunflower Seeds

Sunflowers are a symbol used by sarcoma communities around the globe to remind those affected by sarcoma that they are not alone, they are strong, and there is always hope. By distributing sunflower seed packets with informational cards about the Sarcoma Alliance, you’re spreading this message to others while raising awareness. Use our Sunflower Days cards or create your own!

Get Active

Whether you walk, run, paddle, or play table tennis, you can raise awareness by setting a personal goal or joining a local event or competition. Turn it into a team effort by inviting your colleagues, friends, or family to join you or to cheer you on from the sidelines. If you’re up for an extra challenge, you can even create your own campaign on GoFundMe and select the Sarcoma Alliance as the charity you’re raising funds and awareness for.

Harness the Power of Social Media

Put that posting, scrolling, and liking towards raising awareness and educating others. Share facts, stories, pictures, or even memes—whatever inspires you and speaks to your followers! Check out our Instagram account for some facts and inspiration.

Include relevant hashtags such as #sarcoma #sarcomaawareness #sarcomaawarenessmonth #julyissarcomaawarenessmonth #sarcomaalliance #sarcomastories #sarcomafacts #sarcomaresearch #sarcomasurvivor #sarcomawarrior #sarcomafighter #sarcomasucks #sarcomastrong #curesarcoma

Host an Event

Feeling adventurous? Host an event of your choice to raise awareness and funds (if you wish) for the Sarcoma Alliance. Supporters have previously held benefit concerts, bake sales, golf tournaments, and even sunset walks on the beach. Love to cook? Host a dinner party or a cookoff. Love dancing or visual arts? Why not organize a workshop or exhibition? Love knowledge? Host a trivia night! 


Ask neighbors, local businesses, the city, or even the airport to display yellow lights in honor of those affected by sarcoma. There are lots of creative ways you can encourage everyone to light up your town in yellow. 

Spread the Word

Raise awareness by sharing the Sarcoma Alliance’s work and mission with people in your community. Are you, or do you know, a vlogger or podcaster? Have a favorite local radio station? Ask them to air the Sarcoma Alliance’s PSA! You can also include our letter, radio campaign press release, and YouTube PSA in your request. Radio stations can sign up to air the announcement here

Wear a Sarcoma Alliance Mask

Be safe. Wear a mask! Board Director Kevin Plottner designed Sarcoma Alliance branded face masks and our online community chose face masks they like best! Check them out on online store and purchase some for yourself or a loved one. The masks not only protect you and others, but also raise awareness for sarcoma and the Sarcoma Alliance.


Wear Yellow

Many people choose to wear yellow in honor of those affected by sarcoma. Go classic by sporting yellow clothing, get funky with yellow hair dyes, weaves, or accessories, or be creative with some makeup! Looking for some inspiration? Glam by Katelyn created a beautiful look for Sarcoma Awareness Month 2019.