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How to Host Your Own Event

Thank you for your interest in hosting an Independent Event benefiting the Sarcoma Alliance! The Sarcoma Alliance relies upon the support of Independent Events to further the mission of providing education, guidance, and support to those affected by sarcoma.

Below you’ll find information and tips to help make your event a success.

What is an Independent Event?

An Independent Event is a fundraising event hosted by volunteers with proceeds benefiting the Sarcoma Alliance. It is called an Independent Event because the Sarcoma Alliance does not manage the event. Often people choose to title their event as “Event Name, benefiting the Sarcoma Alliance.”

How can the Sarcoma Alliance help?

We are here to support you and help ensure your event is a success. Once we receive your Sarcoma Alliance Independent Event Agreement Form we will:

  • Send you an email acknowledging receipt of your form. This email will include the Sarcoma Alliance Independent Event Graphic for your use. The possibilities are endless – you can make flyers, banners, t-shirts, etc.
  • Mail you brochures with information on the Sarcoma Alliance and our services for display at your event.
  • Add your event to our website event calendar.
  • Advertise your event on our social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).
  • Add your event to our online donation page. This will allow your attendees to safely and easily make their donations on our website.
Friends at an event benefitting the Sarcoma Alliance

Steps to Hosting a Successful Event

  1. Select an event that meets your capabilities
      • We highly recommend that you plan an event around your interests or hobbies. If you like photography, host a gallery night. If you and your friends play golf, consider a golf tournament.
      • Be creative and think outside the box. Big or small, anything helps. To start out small, have a garage or bake sale, or throw a trivia night at home.
      • Consider who your audience is and what will attract them to attend your event. It is also important to consider what prices potential attendees would pay to attend the type of event you are holding.
      • Consider what cost will have to be paid upfront. Do you have contacts that can help you get resources donated? What resources will you need? Depending on your specific event you might have to pay for venue rental, food, t-shirts, music, printing, postage, decorations, etc. Be realistic. Don’t plan an event that is bigger than you can handle the first time out.
  2. Organize an event committee to help you through event planning and execution
  3. Consider your objectives
      • Is the goal to raise money for the Sarcoma Alliance, raise awareness of sarcoma, or both?
        The answer may impact choices moving forward.
  4. Decide on Specifics for the Event
      • When – pick a date, considering holidays and your schedule.
      • Where – choose a location that works for your event and is within your budget. If hosting an event outside, be sure to check with local agencies for authorization or permit requirements.
      • Create a timeline.
      • Develop a budget and decide how and when funds will be collected.
      • Create a materials list.
  5. Publicize your event
      • Local newspapers
        • Special interest article
        • Community events calendar
      • Social Media
      • Bulletin Boards
      • Mailings or e-invites to friends, family, colleagues, and community
      • Storefront posters
      • Create an event page on Eventbrite
  6. Event Day
      • Have a checklist of to-do items with items assigned to each volunteer.
      • Thank everyone for attending, and don’t forget to relax and enjoy the event!
  7. After the Event
      • Thank your volunteers and committee members. Consider hosting a celebratory get-together where you can discuss how everything went.
      • Thank sponsors.
      • Pay all expenses and organize expense documentation.
      • Mail proceeds of the event to the Sarcoma Alliance office. Please include a list of attendees and contact information so that we can also send thank you notes!


What will the money I raise go toward?

All donations directly benefit those affected by sarcoma by supporting our mission to provide education, guidance, and support. The money you raise will fuel our programs including the Hand in Hand: The Suzanne Reneé Leider Memorial Fund, the Sarcoma Exchange conference, and several more.

Will the Sarcoma Alliance pay for Independent Event expenses?

The Sarcoma Alliance is not able to pay expenses. Please consider this when planning your event and budget.

Are donations to Independent Events tax deductible?

Generally, yes. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Contributions made directly to Sarcoma Alliance may be tax-deductible to the fullest extent permissible by law, so please have individuals attending your event write checks out to Sarcoma Alliance directly, or have them make their donation on our website. Please consult your tax advisor for more information.

How do I collect and send donations?

  • Online: We can set up a donation tab for your event on our website to allow online donations.
  • If you collect checks: Please have attendees make checks out to the Sarcoma Alliance.
  • Please do not send cash. Instead, convert cash to a check or money order.

Send donations with a note referencing the event to:

Sarcoma Alliance
775 E. Blithedale #334
Mill Valley, CA 94941

Can I use your Tax ID Number when I receive an in-kind donation for my IFE?

Unfortunately, no. This is due to strict rules of the use of our EIN (Tax ID Number). If we don’t comply, we risk losing our nonprofit status.

What is my next step?

Fill out the Sarcoma Alliance Independent Event Agreement Form to let us know what you’re planning.

We are so grateful! Thank you!

Fill out the Independent Event Agreement