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The Sarcoma Exchange is an educational conference dedicated to sarcoma patients and the people who support them.

The event is for Sarcoma patients, survivors, co-survivors, caregivers, patient advocates, and medical experts. It is designed to help attendees connect with one another and exchange information about current therapies and available resources.

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See videos from previous events.

Full playlists of previous year sessions are on the Sarcoma Alliance YouTube channel. Or watch some highlights below.

Presenters are sarcoma advocates, physicians, and/or survivors.

Cancer and Sarcoma 101

Gina D'Amato, MD

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Evidence-Based Medicine

Navneet Kaur, MD

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Mental Health in Cancer

Courtney Hill, PMHNP

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Limb Lengthening After a Sarcoma Resection

Lee Zuckerman, MD

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Second Opinions & Seeing a Specialist

Lee J. Helman, MD

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Nutrition for Cancer Patients

Saori Yen, MS, RD

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Standard Therapies: How Physicians Choose

Ravin Ratan, MD, MEd

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