Sarcoma Alliance Mission

The Sarcoma Alliance strives to improve the lives of people affected by sarcoma through accurate diagnosis, improved access to care, guidance, education, and support. Together we can make a difference.

Suzie Siegel

During the worst of it, I thought: I’d do stand-up, if I could stand up. I would take this on the road, but I’d need a driver. One friend says I have gone from being outrageous to courageous. But I’m no hero.

Joanna Burgess

I feel a sense of joy in my life that others I know who have survived life-altering illnesses have experienced. It’s a joy that says I would not change anything about what I have experienced or who I have become. It is a joy that comes from finding beauty in a wounded place. I adopted a name for this kind of joy from a friend who calls it Radical Joy.
Ocean of Hope

“Dedicated to the sea of people affected by cancer.”

O2H Team

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