Financial Assistance

Hand in Hand: The Suzanne Renée Leider Memorial Assistance Fund was created to offer financial assistance for a single second opinion consultation. These grants reimburse expenses related to travel, costs of the evaluation, and related expenses.

Currently the grant maximum is $500. Grants are to subsidize one consultation with a sarcoma specialist and do not underwrite ongoing medical expenses after the first visit.

Application deadlines are March 31, June 30, September 30, and December 31.
Grant funds are released the month following the application deadline.

We are proud to share that grants have been given to women and men in every age group in almost every state and for every type of sarcoma.

“I am forever thankful to the Sarcoma Alliance. Your referral for a Second Opinion Program is the greatest gift a sarcoma patient and their family can receive. For us it was a gift of life – pain free, quality life.”


San Roman, California