Tom P.

Disclaimer: Following is my chondrosarcoma story. I am not providing medical advice, professional diagnosis, opinion, treatment or services to the reader or to any other individual. In April, 2013, around my 40th birthday, I was diagnosed with chondrosarcoma in the pelvis, specifically in the acetabulum, where the femur connects to form the hip joint. My […]

Joanna Burgess

In December of 1965, after I had just turned 3, my mother started noticing blood in my urine.  A trip to our local family doctor would change all of our lives. My parents were told that I had a very rare form of bladder cancer with a 10 percent  survival rate.  I would learn later […]

Josephine Schiavo & Christina Moore

After her Aunt Jo was diagnosed with sarcoma, Christina Moore did a beautiful thing. As Miss Brooklyn 2011, Christina raised almost $15,000 for the Sarcoma Alliance to honor her aunt, Josephine Schiavo. Neither had heard of sarcoma before Josephine was diagnosed. By the end of the year, a thousand people had learned about sarcoma through […]

Ashley Marie Grennell

Ashley Marie Grennell died of sarcoma, but the disease didn’t defeat her. “People always ask me: ‘How do you stay so positive? Every time I see you, you have a big smile on your face,’ ” Ashley, 26, said after she entered hospice in the fall of 2011. “You have two options: You can curl […]

Bob Chambliss

Bob Chambliss was dying. But he couldn’t resist the Pacific. He walked into the water to give his 11-year-old niece one last surfing lesson. “Watch me,” he shouted to his friends on shore, “because I’m loaded up on pain medicine.” Humor, love, work and the ocean helped  him handle a bad prognosis. “He never really gave up,” […]

Justina Durongpisitkul

This is just an account of what’s been happening to me and my family from the start of my illness. In 1993, I had a hysterectomy (uterus removed, ovaries left intact) because of a fibroid. Everything was fine i.e. there were no obvious symptoms until in Jan 2000, the doctors found two big masses in […]

Kathleen Eldrid

My name is Kathleen Rae Eldrid. I am a 49 year old Registered Nurse, licensed in CA and ME. My speciality is chemical dependency/eating disorders/life-style addictions. Although, since my correct diagnosis of Primitive Neuroectodermal Tumor, 4/1/93, I have become very educated in the fields of cancer immunotherapy/vaccines/Environmental Medicine. My journey began November 30, 1992 when […]

Kevin Cheda

My name is Kevin Cheda, and I am 32 years old. I grew up in a small coastal town called Point Reyes Station, which is about one hour north of San Francisco in California. My parents owned the small grocery store in Pt. Reyes, and my entire family; grandparents, parents, older brother and sister all […]

Kirk Souder

On my twenty-first birthday, my eyes closed as the general anesthesia for my second thoracotomy to remove a pulmonary metastases, put me into unconsciousness. At some point during the next two hours, a golf-ball size tumor was removed with a section of my lower left lobe, and that was the last time there was any […]

Ali Darling

I remember the night I walked into my parents’’ bedroom at 10 p.m. and announced with fear and force: “I have cancer.” They looked at me as would any parent of a 13-year-old daughter who was perfectly healthy and extremely active. But I had found a lump, and, for whatever reason, I knew what it […]