Founded in 1999 by long-term sarcoma survivor Suzanne Leider, the mission of The Sarcoma Alliance is to guide, educate and support people with sarcoma and their family, friends, and caregivers. The Alliance builds on the work of Wendy Sommers, a 15-year sarcoma survivor who passed away in March of 1999. Wendy founded and operated the former Sarcoma Foundation. She answered telephone calls and e-mails from around the world, sharing treatment information, wisdom, and inspiration with many. The Sarcoma Alliance carries on Wendy’s vision by providing current information to people with sarcomas and their supporters. The Alliance also raises money to create helpful resources and to support research that will enhance the lives of sarcoma survivors.

Suzanne Leider, who passed away in 2002, developed the Sarcoma Alliance into the fully operational sarcoma support organization it is today. With the help of Wendy’s husband, Kevin Plottner, Suzanne transformed the Alliance website from a virtual resource into a dynamic, interactive platform for patients, family, friends, medical providers, caregivers and researchers to make contacts and share information with one another. The website is just one of the many vital programs that Suzanne initiated in her tenure as President and Executive Director of the Alliance.