foodlovecomforthealingIn 1996, the Sarcoma Alliance founder, Suzanne Renée Leider, began a project to keep her busy during recovery from metastatic synovial sarcoma.  Three years later, Sage Cuisine was born.  What began as a collection of family recipes turned into a collaborative cookbook created by Suzanne’s family, friends and colleagues that helped move the Sarcoma Alliance from the kitchen table to the established 501(c)(3) nonprofit it is today.

In Suzanne’s own words, “This book was compiled in the spirit of bringing people together for festive meals and gatherings.  It is my firm belief that sharing a wonderful meal with loved ones is as important as any other treatment in the process of healing.”

Our intention with FOOD=LOVE=COMFORT=HEALING is to carry on Suzanne’s legacy by expanding our reach and to share stories of “breaking bread” from families and friends affected by sarcoma nationwide.


What is your family’s favorite “go to” dish when there is a celebration or call for comfort? Please share your recipes and, if you’d like, your stories of how your special dish has brought your loved ones together or provided comfort, connectedness and healing.

Email entries for consideration by June 3, 2013 (as a word document) to:   [email protected].

Our goal is to complete our collection by August 2013 and make FOOD=LOVE=COMFORT=HEALING available for purchase in November 2013.  We will post our progress on our Facebook page.  Proceeds from the sale of FOOD=LOVE=COMFORT=HEALING will benefit Hand In Hand: the Suzanne Renée Leider Memorial Assistance Fund, which provides grants to cover expenses sarcoma patients incur when seeking second opinion consultations for the diagnosis and treatment of sarcoma.

Since we will be incorporating these recipes into an all-new book, we can’t include recipes that are copyright-protected unless we have the copyright-holder’s permission.  If you submit a recipe, we will assume that you are submitting one of your original recipes and granting the Sarcoma Alliance the unrestricted right to use it.  If you are submitting someone else’s recipe, we will need you to provide confirmation that he or she has granted the Sarcoma Alliance the unrestricted right to use it.