Sarcoma Alliance T-Shirt
Great big happy shopping news from us today:   Our Zazzle Store is open!
What the heck is Zazzle?  Basically, Zazzle allows us to easily offer a huge variety of  Sarcoma Alliance gear to our wonderful supporters. Like the t-shirt above.
And the snazzy luggage tag below….

Sarcoma awareness luggage tag from Sarcoma Alliance

And..oh my goodness…adorable clothing for your best friend….

How Cute is This? Doggy Shirt from Sarcoma Alliance

How about a little something for your morning commute

Travel Mug – Sarcoma Alliance

You know what’s really cool about Zazzle?  You can customize some of the items.

Want a stylish black shirt?  No sweat!

Sarcoma Alliance Black T-Shirt

And another great thing about Zazzle?  Returns. If you don’t love it, they’ll take it back. No questions asked.  We’re pretty sure you’re going to love everything there, though.  The Women’s Shirt, for example, has more 500 reviews and received around 4.5 out of 5 stars.

As you use your swag from the Sarcoma Alliance Zazzle shop, you spread sarcoma awareness – and you’ll be doing a great thing for others because a full 20% of everything you buy will come to Sarcoma Alliance.

So..what are you waiting for?  Go buy that keychain!