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May 2014 Newsletter

The May 2014 Sarcoma Alliance Newsletter is now available! Read about new Sarcoma Classifications from The World Health Organization, which revised the classification of bone and soft tissue sarcomas for the first time in 11 years. You can also see what’s new at the Sarcoma Alliance with an update from our Executive Director.

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Kevin Plottner

Kevin Plottner

Kevin Plottner Kevin Plottner is a graphic designer in the San Francisco Bay area. He graduated from Tulane University with an Architecture degree in 1984. In 1998 he created the original Sarcoma Alliance web site when his wife, Wendy, a sarcoma patient, and Suzanne...


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NEWS: Annual Appeal

NEWS: Annual Appeal

Each year, Sarcoma Alliance sends an end-of-year printed newsletter to our supporters. It’s our opportunity to toot our own horn just a bit.

We have given over 500 grants for second opinions. 
We have over 2000 members on our amazing Facebook Support Group

Our retiring Executive Director (Arthur Beckert) writes about his experiences with Sarcoma Alliance and the people he has met along the way.

Board of Directors President (James Johnston) discusses our important role in the sarcoma community and our position as the only national organization whose sole mission is information, guidance, and support for people affected by sarcoma.

You can read the entire letter at this link.

Sarcoma Alliance relies heavily on the community we serve for funding. If you have been affected by sarcoma and you have found value in the services we offer, please consider a donation to Sarcoma Alliance. Your donation may be tax deductible, but must be sent by the end of the year.

Thank you.