In honor of the Sarcoma Alliance’s 15th Anniversary this month, we are celebrating with the announcement of our 2014 Outstanding Care Award Recipients!

This year the Sarcoma Alliance has selected two Outstanding Care Providers for this distinguished award. Please join us in congratulating Dr. Robert E. Goldsby, a pediatric cancer specialist at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital and director of the Survivors of Childhood Cancer Program, and Nurse Jill Hyson, an in-patient chemotherapy care coordinator at Wake Forest Baptist Health’s Comprehensive Cancer Care Center.

Dr. Goldsby was nominated by Mary Ann Vaughn. Mary Ann’s daughter was treated by Dr. Goldsby for osteosarcoma, and is now enjoying life with no evidence of disease. Mary Ann shared numerous examples of Dr. Goldsby’s truly outstanding care; including his amazing ability to work collaboratively with her daughter’s other physicians, declaring that “he is a fine example of a doctor without an ego.” Mary Ann also spoke to Dr. Goldsby’s “integrity and commitment to his patients and their families,” stating “the many examples of his kindness, thoughtfulness and pleasing bedside manner … continue to be immeasurable.”

Nurse Jill Hyson was nominated by Ashley Shew Heflin. Ashley is an osteosarcoma patient who has received outstanding care from Ms. Hyson in coordinating her care and treatment among three different centers. Ashley raved, “I couldn’t ask for a better member of my care team than Jill Hyson. She’s incredibly good at her job, compassionate and personable, efficient and organized.” Ashley further stated that Ms. Hyson provides sarcoma patients with amazing support, and has been “impressed by her ability to remember each of the many patients she coordinates, her willingness to work with patients’ schedules and particularities, her empowering respect of patients, and her organizational amazingness.”

Both care providers exemplify the core values of our awards, showing sincere commitment and dedication to their patients, and demonstrating genuinely outstanding service. Congratulations to Doctor Robert E. Goldsby and Nurse Jill Hyson!

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