Steve Doo

My name is Steve Doo and I have MFH, Malignant Fibrous Histiocytoma. What started out to be a small lump below my left hip, turned into the fight of my life. I’ve been staged at Stage 2b and the grade of my tumor is as of the highest, grade 4. My whole life would change […]

Sara Cambreleng

Just before Thanksgiving 1998, I noticed a lump on my left index finger. It really didn’t bother me except when I used the signal post in the car. Shortly after Christmas, it became a little more sore, a little larger. By mid-January, my finger seemed to be “twisting.” It took a week to see a […]

Rosalie Peipert

My Long Journey with LMS & ESS My story started  26 ½ years ago (June 24, 1981)  when I had a hysterectomy to remove a fibroid the size of a 5-month pregnancy (12 cm.) after a year of heavy bleeding.  The gyn and I were both surprised it was cancer.  He told  me I was […]

Ray Britland

In spring 1994, I noticed a lump forming in my right arm, just above my elbow. I eventually went to see my Doctor in mid-September ’94. He sent me for a x-ray after examining my arm, the result of which was clear. The Doc. said that the lump might be fatty tissue and if it […]

Peter Cox

“My name is Peter and I have cancer.” Even now I can look at that sentence and not believe it. Nine and a half weeks ago I had not heard of sarcoma, beyond Karposi’s eponymous, let alone malignant fibrous histiocytoma (MFH for short — or Mother From Hell for the more technically minded). Now, however, […]

Matthew Sawyer

West vs. East; Conventional vs. Alternative: A Story of Hope (from The Humlegaarden Report) During my initial consultation, my Oncologist described me as the 19-year-old male who presents with “a challenge.” What was that challenge? A tumor of massive proportions. Well, I am here to tell you that that tumor and the subsequent chemotherapy, radiation […]

Amethyst Volera

The Redirection of a Soul You may not see what value is in a life struggle when you are in it, but in retrospect you will recognize it as being one of the most important of life’s lessons. After being diagnosed with a rare type of cancer, surviving a 14-hour surgery to remove a tumor […]