Marcie Degado

I was ambivalent about sharing my story as I see so many others who have more struggles and issues as their diagnosis is more severe. But I realized one point of my story may benefit others is the journey of getting the diagnosis and the mishandling of my first surgery. This may help others seek the […]

Suzie Siegel

A friend wrote a song about my cancer to the tune of “Jambalaya (on the Bayou).” Bring on the silly songs and jokes! What’s the point of all this suffering if we can’t laugh occasionally? Plus, I know my cancer has a musical name: leiomyosarcoma, pronounced “lie-oh-my-oh-sar-koh-ma.” Me oh my oh. During the worst of […]

Elizabeth Munroz

Elizabeth Munroz is a 40-year survivor of chondrosarcoma. No cancer support groups existed in 1967. It was taboo to mention the “C” word to anyone. I wrapped up all my fear and suffering in hopelessness. But, I hoped to meet another living person with chondrosarcoma, just to know I might survive. Medical ethics prevented my […]

Seth R. Raivetz

I was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in February, 2005. I just underwent 10.5 months of chemotherapy in three different locations. I was a “normal” law school student in 2/05 but I had some pain in my groin that just wouldn’t go away with physical therapy. I was diagnosed with a high grade osteosarcoma on my right […]

Michael Wackers

My name is Michael Wackers. I am a 55-year old German librarian living in Southwestern Germany, close to the major US airbase at Ramstein. In 1989 I was diagnosed with a liposarcoma in my inner right thigh. I have written an account of my illness. LUCKY ESCAPE MINUS RIGHT LEG: a survivors story The events […]

Suzanne Leider

Hello and welcome to The Sarcoma Alliance. My name is Suzanne Leider. I am the founder and president of the Alliance and an 8-year sarcoma survivor. My life with cancer began in 1992 when I was diagnosed with a synovial sarcoma in my right thigh. When I was 25 I was a frequent jogger and […]

Terry Healey

Cancer left him with scars everyone could see. But the worst ones were invisible. At the age of 20, my life had been smooth sailing, seldom interrupted with adversity or difficulty. I was a junior at the University of California at Berkeley. I was confident, smart and athletic. Though I wasn’t overly concerned with my […]

Laetitia Vilon

Laetitia was a very self-willed young woman, very attentive to others, in fact she was a great listener, and anyone talking to hear could believe they were the most important person in her life. Her eyes had a unique tendency to fill with tears when confronted with suffering. Very early on she had an acute […]

Wendy Sommers

My name is Wendy Sommers, and at 25 years of age I was diagnosed with myxoliposarcoma in my upper left thigh. I underwent a biopsy, followed by wide resection and finally radiation therapy. I never had a recurrence of that first cancer. However, when I was 28 years old I was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in […]

Ray Britland

In spring 1994, I noticed a lump forming in my right arm, just above my elbow. I eventually went to see my Doctor in mid-September ’94. He sent me for a x-ray after examining my arm, the result of which was clear. The Doc. said that the lump might be fatty tissue and if it […]