Justina Durongpisitkul

This is just an account of what’s been happening to me and my family from the start of my illness.

In 1993, I had a hysterectomy (uterus removed, ovaries left intact) because of a fibroid. Everything was fine i.e. there were no obvious symptoms until in Jan 2000, the doctors found two big masses in my ovaries, which had spread to the surrounding lymph nodes, and a small amount even on the peritoneum. They removed all they could, and left enlarged lymph nodes in the abdomen – Three were about the size of a 10 cent coin, but could not be removed because they were stuck on the aorta in the abdomen. I was found to have low grade endometrial stromal sarcoma, Stage 3C. Because it was low grade, they put me on 400mg Provera (a synthetic progesterone) as my illness is thought to be the result of too much estrogen compared to progesterone. They also told me that there was no cure as their patients at this stage of cancer had all died up to then.

In May 2000, a CT-scan done was clear. The Provera might have been working! However also in May, I visited a Mora therapist who said that the mercury from the 16 amalgam fillings that I had was the main cause of my cancer. My understanding is that mercury is estrogenic, and long term collects in the reproductive organs. On a health scale called the Biological Index, which goes from 0 to 21 where 3 to 5 is normal and 21 is when you are dying, I was found to be 16. If the mercury was removed, he said the reading would go down to 5. I immediately started removing my amalgams, taking Sun Chlorella A to remove the mercury from my body at the same time. In September, my reading was 5 and he said the mercury was gone. That month, I felt fine.

In October however, I started feeling tired and weak. My doctor suggested a test called Phase Contrast Microscopy or Darkfield Microscopy or Live Cell Microscopy/Clot Retraction. I did this in November, and was found to have severe erythrocyte aggregation (RBC clumping) and severe bowel toxicity. There was also some evidence of yeast in the blood. My adrenals were also severely stressed and I had moderately high (30 to 40%) free radical activity. The cause of the clumping of the RBC was the Provera I was taking. She said I was feeling tired because the Provera makes your blood thicker by causing the clumping and so it is harder for it to go through the capillaries to reach the tissues. Less oxygen gets through and so you feel tired. The tester said I should try natural progesterone as that would not make my cells clump. My doctor said to check on the Internet for Provera trials, and on doing that, I found a clinical trial that said that although it did slow down the progression of the cancer, there was no overall decrease in the 5-year survival rate as patients died of heart attacks and blood clots instead. Their conclusion was that there was no reason to use provera as treatment. This finding made me change over to natural progesterone, which a couple of oncologists oversaw. I am now on 200mg natural progesterone daily, a dose I would like to decrease once I am cured which is not the stage I am at yet. Another Phase Contrast Microscopy test done in March 2001 showed only slight RBC clumping, and the adrenal stress OK. I have been taking lots of supplements like high dose Vit C, flax seed oil and CoQ10 recommended by my doctor, since finding out about the cancer. The bowel toxicity was still there, but the free radical activity was now 20 – 30% which is normal. Overall, I was feeling much better, stronger and much less tired.

For bowel toxicity, I was found doing a stool test through the Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratory, to have Klebsiella oxytoca in pathogenic amounts. This has been treated with strong antibiotics. My normal flora was found to be low and so I started supplementing with Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria.

All through this time, I had been taking my White Blood Cell counts through flow cytometry. This shows the number of specific white lymphocytes in the body. It was taken first in February 2000. The counts have been steadily decreasing with my natural killer (NK) cells the worst, until May 2001, where they are starting to turn around.

On the Mora Biological Index, in mid-May 2001, I was 10, although the mercury was confirmed to be removed, through a hair analysis test.

Luckily for me, my doctor had heard of this incredible research scientist who had just finished very successful trials on a vaccine to boost immunity which he said could cure cancer. On the 5th of April 2001, I started on the course of vaccines, and am still having them. That in my opinion, is the reason my immune cell counts have gone up, and hopefully they will overcome any cancers which I still may have. An ultrasound taken in Mid May found a lesion 3.2 cm near the pancreas, which could be an enlarged lymph node. A CT-scan 1 week later showed a lesion which was either a cyst on the pancreas or an enlarged lymph node (now 1.6 cm).

My family has also been unwell. The 3rd and 4th children in particular seem to be particularly sensitive to electricity. Appliances close to them when they sleep, eg clock radios, radio cassette players, mobile phone chargers have all found to emit over 50 mGauss of electromagnetic fields. These when removed from their environment tend to make their symptoms of fatigue, having difficulty waking up and headaches lessen somewhat. Check the website EMRAA (ElectroMagnetic Radiation Alliance of Australia) for more information on electromagnetic fields. They say that appliances will emit electromagnetic fields if on at the power point, whether they are in use or not. Therefore, they advise that all appliances should be turned off at the power point and unplugged as well. It is interesting to note that the 3rd and 4th children have or have had mercury amalgam fillings at some stage.

In my opinion, I think that all the problems my family is having, stems from electro-magnetic fields, either from the power lines (possibly in my case, as I had no appliances nearby). The rest of the family is probably sick because of the emf from appliances. My cancer, I think is from a combination of emf’s and mercury poisoning.

If you are sick, or tired, or having trouble sleeping or waking up, switch off the appliances at the power point, and get yourself tested for yeast infection. You may feel a lot better after that.

Follow-up, November 2002

I was diagnosed with low grade endometrial stromal sarcoma in January 2000. It was Stage 3C and the prognosis was not good as the cancer had spread throughout the lymph nodes in the abdomen. The doctors took out as much of the cancer as they could and I am grateful to them for doing that, as I would not have survived had I not had surgery.

My cancer is a slow growing one, which does not respond to chemo or radiation. Synthetic progestins have been effective in keeping it at bay in the short term at least, and so I was put on 200mg Provera twice daily.

Because the prognosis given by the doctors was not good, I wanted to investigate for myself any treatments that could possibly work against cancer. My sister Petronella Ness and I went to the Gawler Foundation Residential Program in suburban Melbourne, to find out his experience of dealing with cancer. There I learned about juicing, diet and meditation, which had worked for him. His mention of the Gerson Therapy was cursory and advised that it was too hard and it was impossible to do without help. In his book, he specifically says that he does not recommend the therapy only because it is too hard.

So I changed my diet a bit, tried meditation (not very successfully at all) but carried on mostly living as normal a life as I could. In July 2000, a CT-scan showed no traces of cancer.

However, I was getting progressively more tired and feeling generally unwell. My progressive doctor told me to do a search of Provera Trials on the Internet. I found an article in Eur J Obstet Gynecol Reprod Biol 1996 Apr;65(2):201-7. It was a review of adjuvant progestagen (synthetic progesterone) treatment of patients with endometrial cancer. Overall survival was not improved by adjuvant progestagen therapy and may even have been adversely affected. It concluded that current evidence did not support the use of adjuvant progestagen therapy in the primary treatment of endometrial cancer. On obtaining a full copy of the review, my understanding of it was that some patients on progestagen therapy had died of blood clots and heart attacks.

A search of side effects of Provera on the internet, also left me in a depressed state about my treatment. They included,

  1. 1. Tendency to form blood clots in extremities
  2. Irregular Vaginal Bleeding, spotting
  3. Change in Menstrual Flow
  4. Fluid retention and swelling of legs
  5. Change in weight, increase or decrease
  6. Liver damage
  7. Disturbance of sleep
  8. Fatigue, weakness

In November 2000, I did a Phase Contrast Microscopy Test (still not used as a normal diagnostic tool even though it can tell so much). The test found among other things that my Red Blood Cells (RBC) were clumping. The Medical Scientist doing the test suggested the reason for this was probably the Provera I was taking, and I should try Natural Progesterone as it is safer. I had read some of Dr John Lee’s book ‘What your doctor may not tell you about Menopause’ and knew that this might be true. It has been used to combat menopausal symptoms with much success. The problem was that my alternate therapy doctors realised that natural progesterone was better for me than Provera, but no one knew what dose I needed to be on. Finally, two enterprising doctors oversaw my change-over to high-dose natural progesterone in December 2000. I was extremely tired for two weeks and then I started to feel better. I did another Phase Contrast Microscopy Test in March 2001 which showed much less clumping of RBC. I still have reservations about the amount of progesterone I am using as in Dr John Lee’s book ‘What your doctor may not tell you about Premenopause’ he suggests that too much of a good thing is probably bad for you.

My alternate therapy doctors were also monitoring my immune system through Lymphocyte Marker counts to ascertain my progress. One of those doctors is constantly under investigation for doing too many of those valuable tests.

From April to July 2001, I tried vaccine therapy which probably slowed down the progression of the cancer.

However, in September 2001, an Ultrasound revealed what looked like an enlarged lymph node. I felt desperate, and was in a state of panic and despair. I couldn’t sleep without medication.

My sister sent me a book ‘You don’t have to die of cancer’ by Dr Abraham Khazam. He recommended Autogenic Training as a method of self-hypnosis through visualisation. It is a form of meditation. To my good fortune, he happened to reside in Melbourne. I started learning the technique with him in January, and by March was able to stop the sleep medication. My fears were dissipating, and I was taking charge of my life again. Things were finally looking up, or so I hoped. But a disaster was brewing.

In April 2002, I felt dizzy, nauseous and lost all appetite. I was hospitalised in May 2002 because I was unable to eat and was dizzy all the time. This left me with no energy for anything. A Ct-scan showed a lesion near the pancreas, but in July 2002, my symptoms were found to be due to Endolymphatic hydrops in the right inner ear and so I was diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease even though I did not have the classical symptoms. I had a double-whammy of cancer and Meniere’s Disease!

The doctors in the hospital have offered me surgery to remove the cancer, which I have declined for the time being because it will not relieve the symptoms of dizziness and lack of appetite which I still suffer now.

With no alternative left, my brilliant sister decided to investigate the Gerson Therapy. She bought a book – ‘LIVING PROOF- Is there a cure for cancer?’, by John Cirocco, who is a cancer survivor. We could not believe what we read, and it spurred us on to look further into this therapy. I started on just the juicing and enemas on 29th July 2002. I started on the supplements 2 to 3 weeks later. It is now the 7th of September. I have a slight pain in my knee. I am still dizzy all the time, and have no appetite but have a lot more energy than before, and so am able to carry out normal work despite the dizziness. I am in much less pain, and the skin on my face which erupted with eczema soon after starting the therapy, is now clearing slowly. My abdomen is bloating now and again. The skin on my hands, all rough and cut with the constant washing, is now healing and parts of it is amazingly smooth.

I know of 3 people who have been on the Gerson Therapy and are cured, another who was cured just with juicing and another one who said she would have been dead if not for the Gerson Therapy, which she’s been on for 4 years now. She still has cancer but is able to resume part-time work now.

I have realised that going to doctors with this information won’t be enough, because in my experience with them, they all want proof before they take any action. They are not dying – their patients are.

Dr Max Gerson who worked the diet out in the 1930s, had 50% success rate with his worst terminal cases when he had perfected it. It is based on healing all the organs of the body, especially the liver which is always damaged when people get cancer. Once the organs become healthy, they are well able to get rid of any chronic diseases by themselves. Initially, the diet consists of 13 freshly squeezed juices and 5 coffee enemas and some supplements. Only organic fruits and vegetables are used. The therapy goes for 2 years because it takes that long for the liver to regenerate completely but it gets less intensive with time. It is expensive and extremely hard work but I have to do it as it is my best option for survival.

I ask the following questions.

  1. Why do we have to use synthetic drugs when the natural products are already available? From my experience, natural progesterone, which is exactly what the body produces, is far safer than Provera.
  2. Why don’t doctors know about Dr Gerson’s work? What exactly do they learn in Medical School? Only what the Pharmaceutical Companies want them to learn I suspect. Why have they not heard about Gerson even though he worked out this therapy in the 1930’s? Look up the site www.gerson.org to inform yourself.
  3. Why isn’t the media asking these questions of the health system?

My motivation for writing to you is that I know of a mum who’s 6 year old daughter just died of a brain tumour last month, and she might have been saved if the mum had known about the Gerson Therapy.

I am forever grateful to my sister and family and generous people in my community for being so supportive of me while I’m on this therapy, but that’s another story.

I don’t know whether Gerson is going to work for me, but I do know that it seems to be the most reasonable therapy to try, and now that I have learnt a bit more about it, I have no choice but to try it. If I don’t I will surely die of this cancer.

Justina Durongpisitkul

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