Elizabeth Munroz

Elizabeth Munroz is a 40-year survivor of chondrosarcoma.

No cancer support groups existed in 1967. It was taboo to mention the “C” word to anyone. I wrapped up all my fear and suffering in hopelessness. But, I hoped to meet another living person with chondrosarcoma, just to know I might survive. Medical ethics prevented my surgeon from introducing me to a 55 year old man with CS. Next appointment, I gave my doctor an envelope with a message to the other patient. But, it was too late. He died. Then I felt really alone.  He told me not to hope I would ever meet another person with the same diagnosis as my cancer was so rare. Among all the other emotions I was dealing with, this topped them all. I didn’t just feel alone. I was abandoned.

Seven times over 11 years I had recurrences and all the emotional trauma and drama returned, too. Finally, I learned I did myself harm focusing on the negative, and began to accept living the best I could. Now, I can look back, and see it was all a blessing. I am still here. I am healed because I can now help others. I have met at least 1,000 others with chondrosarcoma in the last six years through the online support group I created. No one will ever be alone again.

About Sarcoma Alliance

The Sarcoma Alliance strives to improve the lives of people affected by sarcoma through accurate diagnosis, improved access to care, guidance, education and support.