Amy Blythe

I found a decent-sized lump in the right side of my groin back in June of 2009. I ignored it, until it became larger, painful and the whole area was swollen (this was at the end of September 2009). After seeing my gynecologist, thinking it may be that sort of a problem, she did an ultrasound & couldn’t figure out what the lump was. She then referred me to an oncologist. The oncologist thought I had a cyst and a hernia. So, he sent me to a general surgeon to have the cyst removed & the hernia repaired. I had my first surgery at the end of October 2009 to have the “cyst” removed. Once it was sent to pathology, I got news that it wasn’t a cyst. I was diagnosed with myxofibrosarcoma 5 days before my 26th birthday. The “cyst” was actually a burrito-sized tumor.

I was then sent to the H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, FL. They have a Sarcoma Clinic there, so I already felt hopeful. After another CT scan and some more testing, it was decided that I would have a second surgery. My second surgery was scheduled 3 days before Christmas of 2009, where they rebuilt my abdominal wall, took out more tissue & lymph nodes, removed my old scar/scar tissue from the first surgery, and replaced the mesh that was put in place for the hernia during the first surgery. Thankfully and miraculously, I was able to leave the hospital on Christmas Eve. This past Monday (January 4, 2010), I got the pathology results from my 2nd surgery – they got it all! No signs of cancer in everything they removed. I’ll be getting CT scans every 3 months, but for now I am in the clear & still recovering from surgery #2.

For anyone going through any type of this cancer, keep your head held high, stay positive (even though it’s REALLY HARD), and keep the faith.

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