Outrigger Canoe Club

Outrigger paddling is centuries old sport, rooted in ancient tradition. Paddling has a rich history that, alongside surfing and paddleboarding, forms the holy triad for watermen. Most of the original paddlers in Hawaii, and the first paddlers in California, were true watermen and waterwomen with the outrigger canoe just another extension of their connection to the ocean.

Paddling came to California in the 1950’s and has exploded in popularity in the last 10 years. The growth has been phenomenal. This sport offers an avenue for men and women of all athletic and commitment levels to train and compete. Paddling forms the foundation of a year round training regimen. It keeps participants connected to the ocean each week and has helped form lifelong friends. With outrigger canoe clubs throughout California, Arizona, the East Coast and Hawaii, the opportunities to try paddling are endless.

Lanakila Outrigger Canoe Club, based in Redondo Beach CA, has a long string of wins on the racing circuit, as well as one of the best coaching staffs in California. This year their top women’s crew is racing as a member of the Ocean of Hope (O2H) team and dedicating the Catalina race to the Sarcoma Alliance.

Traveling to races outside of California will give us a chance to spread the message about this deadly cancer and to help elevate the consciousness of those who want to support the cause.

2012 Lanakila Women’s Outrigger Team

  • Aimee Spector
  • Katy Arnold
  • Heather Suskin
  • Dawn Suskin
  • Jean Geddes
  • Theresa Connelly

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