Helping the Fight from Within: Immunotherapy in Soft Tissue Sarcoma
William Tseng, MD, Surgical Oncology, University of Southern California, Keck School of Medicine, Los Angeles, CA

Sarcoma Treatment Update
Informational booklet from the nonprofit CancerCare

American Society of Clinical Oncology 2012 – A summary of sarcoma papers from the annual meeting of ASCO provided by Sarcoma Patients Euronet:

A Snapshot of Sarcoma

Summary of sarcoma facts from the National Cancer Institute

A Message of Hope by Joanne Heitzman
Although Joanne tragically lost her battle with leimyosarcoma, she left an inspiring and detailed description of how she accepted and dealt with a very radical surgery – total pelvic exenteration. She got a colostomy as well as an Indiana pouch to replace her bladder. This pamphlet is a valuable resource for anyone facing this surgery or one that will forever change your life.

Sarcoma Organization Directory
Since 2006, the Sarcoma Alliance has maintained a directory of U.S. and international sarcoma organizations. This comprehensive resource provides contact information, mission statement and accomplishments of organizations that provide support to those affected by sarcoma and raise money for research.

Focus on Gynecologic Sarcomas

Sarcoma Tissue – Why It is Important

Vietnam Veterans Battle Sarcoma Caused by Agent Orange