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For information about the Sarcoma Alliance or to arrange an interview with a sarcoma survivor, contact:

Alison Olig, Executive Director
Sarcoma Alliance
775 E Blithedale Ave., #334
Mill Valley, CA 94941
Office: 415-381-7236
Fax: 415-381-7236

Fact Sheet
Download the Sarcoma Alliance Fact Sheet. You’’ll need Adobe Reader. Download the latest version.

What is Sarcoma?
Sarcoma is a cancer of connective tissue, including muscle, bone, fat, nerve, cartilage, and blood vessels. For information about sarcoma, its diagnosis, and treatment, visit our What Is Sarcoma? webpage.

The Sarcoma Alliance
The Sarcoma Alliance, an international nonprofit advocacy organization, serves people affected by sarcoma, including the newly diagnosed, long-term survivors, family members, caregivers, and friends. It has a blog, a discussion board to share information and to learn about different topics, a live chat room, and a peer-to-peer network. It provides financial assistance to patients seeking a second opinion from sarcoma specialists and helps start sarcoma support groups. It works closely with the medical profession and other nonprofits.

What makes us different from other cancer nonprofits? We are the only international sarcoma advocacy organization whose focus is on providing guidance, education, and support for everyone affected by sarcoma. Instead of raising money for research, we empower patients and their loved ones so that they can understand and receive the best medical services.

Because it’s rare, sarcoma gets little or no attention from many organizations that work with cancer patients. Most sarcoma nonprofits concentrate on a particular sarcoma subtype or a particular cancer center. We are the oldest sarcoma nonprofit not tied to one center or subtype.

We celebrated our 10-year anniversary in 2009. For more information about our history, please visit the Founders webpage.

Our biggest fundraiser is the Ocean of Hope paddleboard race. You can view photos from our most recent event or find out more information our upcoming events.